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Warner Robins Lawn Care

In 1998, Rick Wallace founded LawnWorks and it is one of the premiere landscaping companies in Macon GA.  As the owner of LawnWorks, we believe in being honest, upfront and delivering services that are satisfactory to all of our customers.  We advise in the best interest of our client on any consultation for Warner Robins lawn care.  We are not trying to make a quick buck, rather we are trying to build a clientel that will last a lifetime.  The success of your landscape design is our priority.

Routine landscape maintenance can include all of the aspect of your lawn service needs. Our Warner Robins lawn care company has a specialty landscape crew that will service your property and provide you with a meticulously maintained landscape just as you want it.

  • Mowing your lawn every week or every other week
  • Pruning ornamental plant material in the landscape beds
  • Weed control in the landscape
  • Hand weeding in the landscape
  • Edging the lawn along landscape beds and hard surfaces
  • Leaf and debris removal from the landscape
  • Design and installation of different and beautiful annual color to add accent and brighten your landscape
  • Essential irrigation monitoring for your lawn and landscape to look its best
  • Fertilization and weed control for your lawn and landscape plant material

The experienced staff from our company are also available to perform seasonal clean-ups for people that do not need weekly lawn maintenance care. Such services include:

  • Hand pruning of azaleas and other ornamentals in the landscape
  • Expertly pruning crape myrtles (crape “murder” is not our practice!)
  • Sheering plant material if so requested
  • Installing quality, fresh pine straw or hardwood mulch in the landscape
  • Colorful seasonal flower installation (and advice on how truly easy it is to have beautiful annual beds throughout every season)
  • Weeding landscape beds
  • Replacing dead or weak shrubbery in the landscape
  • Irrigation monitoring, irrigation tuningirrigation repair, irrigation installation
  • Weed control in the lawn turf and landscape beds
  • Fertilization in the lawn turf and landscape beds

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Warner Robins Lawn Care

Warner Robins Lawn Care